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New Leader Dispenser Model

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Leader LPG dispenser incorporating Tatsuno LPG meters

Dispenser Thumbnails
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Angled view #1
Sleek and stylish, our dispensers look good on any service station. The cabinet enclosing the hydraulics is removed.

Angled view #2
See for yourself!

Simple, elegant graphical display makes this dispenser easy to use.

Front view

Side A
See our innovative design for yourself!
There's a lot of knowledge built into our dispensers. After all, we've been in the LPG business for 26 years!

Side A hydraulics
We are proud of our hydraulic design. It's so simple! Our patented electronic vapour elimination and electronic density sensing technology simplifies the hydraulics and actually increases measurement accuracy! Our clever design means we can achieve high flowrates, increase accuracy, reduce maintenance and reduce cost-to-manufacture.

Side B
Check our dispenser out from the other side.

Side B hydraulics
"Where's the vapour eliminator", you ask? We don't need one of those old float-style vapour eliminators, nor do we use the often-unreliable constant-bleed elimination systems. 
Our patented technology senses vapour electronically, pauses delivery and re-crushes the vapour into liquid - simple!

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