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LPG Measurement Technology is continually and actively involved in research, development and innovation of new ideas and concepts. An ongoing commitment to research and development helps us to keep pace with the changing needs of the petroleum industry and the world. 

We are currently involved in a number of research and development projects. However, this page is still under construction and does not yet contain a full account of our R&D efforts. 
The world supply capability of iso-butane is not currently meeting demand. As hydrocarbon refrigerants have increased in popularity, this demand is increasing. In the past, iso-butane would be produced in large billion-dollar distillation plants. This method of production has many drawbacks. 

At LPG Measurement Technology we have developed molecular sieving systems for extraction of iso-butane from n-butane/iso-butane mixes. We are excited about this new development, which provides efficient, reliable, localised production of iso-butane, requiring only minimal plant outlay, stop-start capability and scalability to meet future demand. 

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In the past, applying master metering to gasoline and diesel products was hampered by a reliable means of vapour/air elimination. Our electronic vapour elimination system removes this problem, opening the way for master metering of gasoline and diesel. We are working in partnership with our associates in Canada to produce a master metering system for gasoline and diesel. Trials of the system began in May, 1999. Expect to hear more about this new development over the coming months.

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The measurement principle utilised in our LPG electronic contents gauging system is also applicable to many other liquids, powders and granular materials. The next phase in our development of our contents gauging product range is a version for gasoline and diesel storage vessels. We are working in partnership with our associates in Canada to produce this product. Trials of prototypes began in the fourth quarter of 1998 and were very successful. 

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We thank you for your patience as we bring more information online. If you have further queries, please contact us.

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