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LPG Measurement Technology provides and wide range of products and services to the petroleum industry. Our focus is on new technologies and clever ideas and their practical application to the field. 

Our products and services are built around our core competencies: 

  • High accuracy LPG volume measurement
  • Bulk storage contents gauging
  • Real-time in-line LPG density measurement and vapour elimination
  • LPG cylinder testing and maintenance
  • Environment-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants.
LPG Dispensing
Click here to go to our LPG dispenser pages The world is experiencing growth in demand for autogas. New markets are emerging and existing markets are expanding. Each market has it's own needs and requirements. These needs are best supplied by a local product tailored specifically to meet those needs.

In addition to our own line of LPG dispensers to suit the Australian market, we have been extensively involved with many overseas companies to assist them with development of their own LPG dispensers and incorporation of our electronic density and temperature measurement and vapour elimination systems.

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LPG Master Meters
Click here to go to our LPG Master Meter pages Leading-edge hardware, software and metering equipment are combined in our Master Meters to provide a world-leading system for calibrating and auditing all commercial LPG dispensers. 

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We also provide a world-class Master Meter calibration laboratory, capable of calibrating Master Meters to Australian Regulation 80 standard.

Contents Gauging
Want to find out how much LPG is in your bulk storage tank without leaving the counter?

We provide simple retrofit solutions for existing tanks already using float gauges, as well as our new-technology, zero-moving-parts digital contents gauging systems.

With no moving parts, exceptional accuracy, non-disruptive slide-out serviceability, real-time digital output and retrofit ease, our LPG contents gauge will keep your site running, keep you in control of your inventory and keep your inventory moving. 

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Density Measurement
Our electronic LPG density measurement system sits in-line and provides real-time digital liquid density data. The technology was developed and patented by the Managing Director and is now used in our LPG dispensers, Master Meters and supplied under licence to major Australian and overseas LPG dispenser manufacturers. 

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Vapour Elimination
Our electronic vapour elimination system uses our density measurement system to detect vapour in the liquid flow with high sensitivity. Our patented system then removes the vapour by re-crushing it back into liquid form. This removes the need for mechanical vapour elimination systems and does not require a vapour return line to the storage tank. 

The technology was developed and patented by the Managing Director and is now used in our LPG dispensers, Master Meters and supplied under licence to major Australian and overseas LPG dispenser manufacturers. 

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Hydrocarbon Refrigerants
Hydrocarbon refrigerants are the way of the future. LPG Measurement Technology manufactures these hydrocarbon-based high-performance, environmentally friendly, CFC-free refrigerant gases for use in a wide range of refrigeration situations. 

This section of our website is still under construction. We hope to provide you with more information soon. Thankyour for your patience.Contact us if you require futher information.

Consulting Services
We've been in the LPG industry since 1972. That's a long time! A long time to observe, participate, listen and learn. We've been intimately involved with the LPG industries in Australia and South East Asia, through all the trends and changes. Over this time we have developled a vast array of skills, experience and intellectual property. This experience and skill can be applied to your challenges in your market to create a smooth entry for your product or market. Empowering organisations to manufacture their own LPG dispensers and produce quality LPG installations are among our specialities.

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Cylinder Testing and Repair Station
Since we began in this industry 26 years ago, we've been testing and repairing LPG storage vessels from tiny camping cylinders to bulk storage tanks. 

We are AS2337 certified, competitively priced and can provide same-day turnaround. 

Contact us from more information.

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