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LPG Dispensing 

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Assisting local development...

Locally produced systems manufactured to suit the needs of your local market and backed by local service and support is, in our experience, the most successful long-term method for development of LPG dispensing solutions. 

We have a long and successful history of working side-by-side with local manufacturers to develop or enhance their LPG dispensing products.

We have applied our expertise to assisting many overseas companies with development of their LPG dispensing product lines and enhancement of their existing product lines. This includes development for:

  • Dong Hwa Instrument Co., Korea
  • Mid-West Pump, Canada
  • Gilbarco Australia
  • Preseli Engineering Supplies, Hong Kong
We currently have negotiations in progress with companies across South East Asia and Turkey.

Contact us for more information.

LEADER: LPG Dispensing for the Australian market

Our Leader range of LPG Dispensers provide your LPG filling station with a well established, solidly designed, attractive unit with superior throughput to move your customers faster. 
  • Patented, real-time density measurement means superb accuracy independent of propane/butane ratios.
  • Patented electronic vapour elimination system ensures your customer gets what they paid for.
  • Utilising our patented electronic real-time density measurement and vapour elimination system actually reduces the amount of hydraulic componentry, which creates a cheaper and simpler hydraulic design capable of higher throughputs. Up to 60 litres/min!
  • Our sleek, attractive design presents a professional look to your clients.
And you'll find our price VERY competitive.

Even more detailed information is provided in our brochure. It's in the form of an Adobe Acrobat™ PDF document. 

View our Leader brochure NOW!
Our brochure is best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader by following this link: [leader02.pdf, approx. 230KB]
If you don't have Acrobat Reader, view images of the brochure by clicking here

If you would like to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader, follow this link: 

There are many product variations to suit specific needs. We can even custom-design a system to suit you. Contact us for more information. 

Our expert staff also provide on-site servicing of all makes of LPG dispenser, and a Master-Meter based on-site calibration service (within Australia). Contact us for more information. 

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