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Density Measurement & Vapour Elimination 

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Latest Technology

Unrivalled Performance 

Our electronic LPG density measurement system sits in-line and provides real-time digital liquid density data. It is a fully electronic measurement principle, with no moving parts. OIML regulations for measurement accuracy are virtually impossible to meet without the ability to measure LPG density, but until now there has been no feasible way to do so in-line. 

But that's not all! Our density measurement system also detects vapour (even tiny bubbles), and our patented vapour elimination system actually re-crushes the vapour, eliminating the need to return vapour to the supply tank. Bulky and unreliable mechanical float-style or constant bleed vapour eliminators/separators are no longer necessary.

The technology was developed and patented by the Managing Director and is now used in our LPG dispensers, Master Meters and supplied under licence to major Australian and overseas LPG dispenser manufacturers. Over 2,500 units have been sold since the inception of the product, and demand continues to grow.

Want to know more?

Very detailed information about our Density Measurement and Vapour Elimination System and how it compares to more traditional systems is provided in our document Density Measurement and Vapour Elimination Systems.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, view the document by following this link: [dms001.pdf, approx. 625KB]

If you would like to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader, follow this link: 

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