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Let our experience reward you

We've been in the LPG industry since 1972. That's a long time! A long time to observe, participate, listen and learn. We've been intimately involved with the LPG industries in Australia and South East Asia, through all the trends and changes. Over this time we have developed a vast array of skills, experience and intellectual property. This experience and skill can be applied to your challenges in your market to create a smooth entry for your product or market. Empowering organisations to manufacture their own LPG dispensers and produce quality LPG installations are among our specialities.

Our long history and broad experience in the LPG industry places us in the position to maximise your potential. We offer a wealth of experience in:

  • Commercial LPG installations (auto-gas filling stations)
  • LPG dispenser design, manufacture and maintenance
  • Incorporating electronic density compensation, temperature compensation and electronic vapour elimination into existing LPG dispensing products.
  • Harnessing the potential of emerging overseas markets - strategic planning and implementation for local organisations to successfully enter and penetrate the market.

Emerging markets

Our philosophy is that the best products and systems need quality local service and support. We also encourage local development of products to increase local ownership, increase technical knowledge and better meet local needs. 
We are committed to assisting local organisations to successfully enter their emerging LPG market. We have successfully assisted companies in Korea and Canada and are currently involved in numerous provinces of China.

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