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LPG Master Meter (MML Series)

The MML series of LPG Master Meters are high-precision, fast, compact and efficient systems for calibration of commercial LPG dispensers. Our leading-edge technology makes accurate calibration of LPG dispensers a simple step-by-step process.

Calibration of an LPG dispenser once required many large, independent pieces of measuring apparatus, a detailed knowledge of all the intricacies of measurement, hundreds of laborious and repetitious calculations and a lot of time. The LPG Master Metering System by LPG Measurement Technology alleviates these problems.


For over 6 years LPG Measurement Technology has been producing world-class master meters for LPG. The latest revisions of our product put state-of-the-art measurement and performance at your fingertips.
The master metering series provide a wide range of features and benefits:

  • Streamlined, accurate hydraulics
  • Small footprint. Measuring approximately 550x500x600mm (HWD). Fits easily into a standard service van. Can be lifted easily by two people.
  • Patented electronic density measurement and vapour elimination system
  • Full PC-based control, acquisition and storage of calibrations 
  • Automatic PC-based temperature, density and pressure correction
  • Automatic PC-based management of temperature, pressure and density measurement devices, with automatic scale correction
  • Complete storage of calibration data, providing a detailed audit trail
We are proud of our ability to customise our products to suit your needs and budget. Contact us and we'll produce the product that's right for you.

Our Master Meter Calibration Laboratory ensures that your Master Meter is accurate and stays accurate. Our high-precision gravimetric calibration laboratory calibrates all makes of LPG Master Meter to the Australian Regulation 80 standard. Calibration certificates are issued under the seal of the Australian National Standards Commission.

Very detailed information about our LPG Master Meters is provided in our LPG Master Meter Data Book.

View our Master Meter Data Book NOW!
If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, view our data book by following this link: [mmld001.pdf, approx. 1078KB]

If you would like to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader, follow this link: 

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