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Float-based Contents Gauging 

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Our float-based LPG contents gauging system utilises existing Rochester Senior or Magnatel gauges for measurement, converting contents level to digital form for remote readout and control.

The features of this product are many: 

  • The system retrofits straight on to Rochester Senior or Magnatel gauges
  • LPG tank contents can be displayed remotely - the operator does not need to leave the service desk.
  • Power-line communication technology can be used to communicate with remote displays - no need to lay extra wiring under the forecourt.
  • Safe Class 1 Zone 1 (Australia) equipment.
  • Australian designed and built by an Australian-owned company.
  • Optional automatic low-liquid level pump shutdown safety control. Pump can be shut-down when liquid level falls below a preset point - very useful for protecting submersible pumping systems.
...and we never forget that technology should make economic sense - and our Contents Gauge delivers. 

Want more information?

View our Solid State Contents Gauge brochure page NOW!
Download the file here: [fdcg98001.pdf, approx. 206KB]
It's in the form of an Adobe Acrobat™ PDF document. 
If you would like to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader, follow this link: 

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